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The BST Telemetry Solution is an all-in-one telemetry Solution. It is not only a wearable telemetry but medical IoT, remote patient monitoring, central monitoring, all-time data recording, and enabled third-party devices. It provides the best all-in-one solution for a smart hospital.
The BST telemetry solution is totally developed on clinical users’ and patient’s sides. Easy, safe, convenient, all-time data storage are basic requirements on BST telemetry solution.
The BST Telemetry Solution can integrate with most EMR systems through HL7 or via a middleware. Active integration includes Epic and Cerner.


(1) Two general disposable ECG electrodes per day; (2) a leadwire is recommended to be replaced every one year. According to users’ replacing record, the frequency on average is two years.

Hospital Administrator

In your first case, BST will assist in the on-site installation. As for future support in software, it should be maintained or updated via VNC remote desktop. As to hardware support, telemetry and antenna will be swapped for speedy fix.
BST network uses 315/433/868/915 MHz in the ISM bands for transmission, which is different from 2.4GHz band. There is relatively low interference and high stability.


Theoretically, each antenna covers a 100-meter light-of-sight range, but concrete walls interfere with the transmission. Therefore, the setting range is usually 2 to 3 rooms per antenna.

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